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Kavirnazem company, special department of wool and natural fibers

Watch the video and enjoy the art of Persian carpet

Sensing beauty with well-matched design

Kavirnazem carpets are made of wool, best material to weave and eco friendly in a same time. we seek for a perfect combination of art, technology and nature.

Kavirnazem subsidiaries

our thoughts are flourished by our social belongings and retrieved for our daily desires and we can obviously see it in all communities around the world. the philosophy of using natural products in modern decorations is exactly in this direction.

Internal trading

different types of material such as 100% wool yarns + natural and herbal coloring on wool fiber and cotton fiber for use of producers of carpet, clothes, hand made products and so on.

Transnational Trading

Our transnational trade unit trades in Eurasia, Eastern Asia, Europe and Middle east and also provides requested goods for customers.


Special department of wool and natural fiber is proud to claim that we are producing Persian nomadic hand-made carpets and Gabbeh carpets, kilims with natural coloration, technological hand-made wool carpets, yarns which are used in weaving carpets, natural sleeping products, natural fiber clothes and so on.

Engineering technical unit

This unit is responsible for designing, building and installing machines and industry mechanical systems and has over three decades of experience.

Invite nature to your home!

Persian hand-made products is an evolution of art and tradition and it can adapt with different decorations so it would make your place more stylish and beautiful better than any time.


Combination of traditional decorative products of kavirnazem, nomadic hand-made products and other Persian products gives you a perspective that no eye can neglect. This art must be praised because it gains power from heart of the nature.

Our business principles



Kavir Nazem has always put quality at the forefront of its work and in addition to paying special attention to customer needs, has considered product quality as the main element of its production.


Art and nobility

Kavirnazem offers a combination of products to customers based on their interests and spirituality so they would feel calmness and nobility of owning the products.



Innovation is always a basic principle in our company and it can be seen from the first products which was offered to customers. Carpets, woolen pillowcases and other products.


Fair trade

One of our working principles is to keep honesty and fairness with our customers, A behavior that everyone in Persian culture deserves to do and has great impact in our business environment of our society.



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